Study Abroad Reflection: Charlotte Marquand

With summertime right in sight, we begin to forget just how cold and dark the past winter was. St Andrews is far enough north to be hit by long days of darkness, and it’s cozy spot next to the North …

May 21, 2019 | Outbound students

Study Abroad Reflections: Joséphine Groslambert

While St Andrews’ students are powering through revision and exams in these final weeks of the academic year, some of our partner universities are already done. One of these universities is UC Berkeley, which ends tomorrow on May 17th. Part …

May 16, 2019 | Outbound students

Study Abroad Stories – Kathryn Kean

During the Winter Break, we asked Study Abroad student Kathryn Kean how she adapted to living and studying at The College of William & Mary in the USA. After spending a whole semester there, she sent us this brilliant blog …

January 30, 2019 | Outbound students

CSA Intern (Erasmus+)

Hi, I’m Jack and I’m the new CSA Intern for this academic year! I’m in my fifth and final year studying German here in St Andrews and I spent my year abroad working as a Language Assistant in a primary …

October 11, 2018 | Guides

1 second a day Study Abroad experience

Thinking about applying for Study Abroad next academic year? Have a look at this video put together by Ronan who studied at Purdue University in 2017-8. Ronan studies Computer Science and Mathematics and was the recipient of Moncrieff Travelling Scholarship #SaintsAbroad #StudyAbroad#Scholarships

July 2, 2018 | Study abroad experience

Studying outside Europe – Uruguay

Universidad del la Republica, Montevideo Anna (International Relations and Spanish) ‌Initially I was full of doubts about studying abroad in Uruguay. Now I don’t think I could have made a better choice! I lived in Montevideo for a year which …

August 17, 2016 | Outbound students

Studying outside Europe – USA

University of California, Berkeley Laura (English) I was lucky enough to be offered the chance to spend a year studying at the University of California, Berkeley. Both socially and academically it was one of the best experiences of my life …

August 16, 2016 | Outbound students

Studying outside Europe – Singapore

Julia (International Relations) My experience was that studying at National University of Singapore (NUS) was intense. Heat and humidity, many deadlines, a large number of events, constant possibilities for extra engagements, and many interesting people to get to know.  It …

August 15, 2016 | Outbound students

Studying outside Europe – Russia

Moscow & St Petersburg (RLUS Course) Aleksandra (Modern Languages) If you’re studying Russian – go to Russia. And if you’re not studying Russian, START studying Russian and then go to Russia. Get on a twenty-four train and bond with random …

August 14, 2016 | Outbound students

Studying outside Europe – China

University of Hong Kong Jennifer (International Relations) Studying abroad in Hong Kong was the best thing I have ever done. From a university of 7,000 students to a global megacity with the same number of skyscrapers, St Andrews to Hong …

August 13, 2016 | Outbound students