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Louise reflects on her 'fruitful' opportunity at IUIL, and the 'enriching experience in intercultural dialogue' it is centred around.

Date May 28, 2024

We asked one of our IUIL students to reflect on her time within the programme in Turkey.

Date May 27, 2024

Spanish for Healthcare is one of the more unusual courses in our summer opportunities programme. We caught up with Medicine student Ella…

Date May 7, 2024

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Sustainability in St Andrews

If you’re an Inbound student in St Andrews, you may have questions about how to get around and where to shop. Here are some tips, with contributions from environmental networks in St Andrews, of how you can live a full…

Sustainability Abroad

From accommodation to module choices, there are multiple things to organise when studying abroad, but how to be sustainable is something you can do to benefit yourself as well as the environment around you. With this…