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After blazing through the first few weeks of the semester, now is the time of year where it seems like it’s deadline season every week until revision. The library is packed, teetering around near-full capacity during the day as students dedicate hours to researching, writing, and editing their essays. There is a sense of community in stress, with students acting as each other’s support systems since we all understand the difficulties of juggling tutorial work, weekly readings, and a 2500 word paper. However, stress shouldn’t be consuming us throughout this period of the semester. It’s important we remember our own mental health and stability at this time, even when we are putting in the most to turn out a paper worthy of the mark we want.

Deadline season might be the hardest on the university’s study abroad students, who are transitioning not only to a new social setting but to a new academic system too. As they plunge head-first into deadlines, the pressures of being away from home universities and familiar friends might build on top of general academic stress. These combined factors may lead to students being overwhelmed and upset, risking their wellbeing and mental health.

It’s important to remember that you shouldn’t put off seeking help. There is no reason to justify poor mental health as part of the student experience, because that’s not what the university is promoting.

The university webpage says ‘About one in four of us will suffer from some difficulty with our mental health in any one year’. This means you’re not alone—far from it. So you shouldn’t feel isolated from the world, especially when times get hard. You have a St Andrews community for you here, and if that doesn’t mean your friends, then the university itself has a staff ready to help you onto your feet.

The ASC (Advice and Support Centre) is your best resource to start with. They help with a variety of issues students face in their time here, along with having specialities in wellbeing, counselling, and mental health resources. You can check out the ASC in person, as it’s conveniently located on North Street right between the library and Old Union Café, or you can look for the specific resource you need on their webpage. It’s good to note that you can book online for a meeting with a Wellbeing Adviser.

Their webpage has helpful information to lead you to the right resources, so check out some of your options—and don’t be afraid to seek help! You’re here to learn, that is true, but you’re also here to thrive, and if your wellbeing is at risk, the university will do the most to make sure you’re provided the proper assistance and support, so reach out, no matter what year you are or whether you’re a full-time student or one of our exchange students. St Andrews is your bubble, so make it feel safe.

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