Thanksgiving with WaMStAs

It’s that time of year when the sun sets earlier every day and the wind gains a wicked bite, but that also means it’s almost the end of the semester and about time to start celebrating the holidays with our loved ones! As we trudge through to the end of classes and beginning of exams, it’s important to remember to take a deep breath and give ourselves a little break. One of those refreshing breaks we can make the most of happened to be Thanksgiving!

While an American holiday, WaMStAs show that an entire ocean can’t stop festivities. On both sides of the ponds, students found ways to celebrate the indulgent holiday. However, there are important differences between the universities’ ways of celebrating the holiday. Thanksgiving time at William and Mary means a few days off of school so students can meander home and celebrate with family and old friends (right: Anee Nguyen’s photos from her holiday back in the States!). Thanksgiving time at St Andrews might mean a deadline at midnight, while still digesting pumpkin pie. Personally, no matter which university I’m at, I can’t make the jump back to SoCal, so I make my Thanksgiving as global as possible.

Despite having two deadlines the day after, I spent my Thanksgiving with friends (who are just as good as family). We hosted an impressive spread: chicken rather than turkey, but still possessing the ever-important stuffing and gravy, alongside veggies and pumpkin bread. For desserts, we had a berry crumble and pumpkin pie. Needless to say, we were stuffed by the end. Even though I had to go upstairs to finish editing and citing my papers after some good food and chats, the evening was well spent with people I care about, which is the most important part of Thanksgiving after all.

For the great distance between St Andrews and America, the American students, especially the WaMStAs, still find ways to uphold traditions and celebrate the beloved holiday with the people they care about. No matter which side of the pond you’re on while studying through the Joint Degree Programme, you always carry a piece of home (and pie) with you.


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