BA (International Honours) Intern

Alyssa Skvarla
Friday 21 September 2018

Hello! I’m Alyssa Skvarla, and I will be your BA (International Honours) Intern for 2018-2019. I’m a third year studying English through the programme. Typical of any English student, you are likely to find me reading across campus, though less for leisure than I’d like.

I have found myself quite displaced from sunny SoCal, first by going to the lovely swamp known as William and Mary, and then to the wind and rain that makes St Andrews the lush town it is. These literal changes in enviroments have been delightful (genuinely), as have the other changes, such as the different academic styles of the universities and their varying student cultures.

This is my second year at St Andrews, but William and Mary is my home university. While I have been away for a while, I still fondly recall my late night coffees at Swemromas, afternoons spent tanning on the Sunken Gardens, and the endless flights of stairs to get to the top of Morton. Now I’ve traded brick for cobblestone, but continue to trip on speedy walks to class due to some form of haphazard stones. At St Andrews, I quickly found another home through the means of Raisin, halls, and the mutual exhaustion of deadlines that brings people together.

Both universities offer unique experiences that are only found through this programme. No matter where you come from, you are going somewhere new and exciting. While the explorative nature of the programme is incredible, it can be difficult hopping between different countries, universities, and academic and student cultures. As the BA (International Honours) Intern, I’m here to resolve any issues that may arise from these changes, alongside the rest of the CSA team. For me, the programme has been a great experience unparalleled by any other pair of universities, and I want every other student in the programme to enjoy their time here at St Andrews.

If you ever need to contact me, you can do so by email or by messaging me on Facebook.


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