BA (International Honours) intern

Samantha Lister
Monday 9 October 2017

The 2017-2018 intern is Julia Mills. The BA (International Honours) Intern has an important role to play in the CSA office and will be in touch with you during your time at St Andrews via email and through our Facebook group. You are also welcome to contact them by email or by writing to them on Facebook.

“My name is Julia, and I am the current intern for the BA (International Honours) Programme. I am a Fourth Year student in English.

For the past two years, I have been studying at the College of William & Mary. Through participating in the Programme, I have had the opportunity to live in two culturally different cities and gain a new world perspective. I also attend two of the oldest universities in their respective countries.

My first year abroad, I lived in Scotland around the time of the first Referendum, tackled cooking my first Thanksgiving dinner abroad and even got to travel around the UK. In fact, I visited landmarks that inspired some of the most famous English poets.

At William & Mary, I experienced some of the time-honoured traditions including tossing sprigs of holly in the fire for good luck during the annual Yule Log ceremony, cheering in the stands during a football game (Go Tribe!) and even participating in an archaeological survey in Matoaka Woods where old American Indian grounds can still be found. Some of my fondest memories include just sitting on the Terrace with friends.

Studying abroad can be a bit intimidating at first, but it also ends up being one of the most rewarding experiences. I really look forward to encouraging students to take the leap and study abroad!”

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