“An incredible month”: summer in Heidelberg

Joseph North
Monday 29 April 2024

Our summer opportunities at partner universities in France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland offer undergraduate students a chance to learn languages and experience a new culture, with UK Government Turing funding offered to support with costs. One of our summer partners is Heidelberg University, Germany’s oldest university, which offers language courses at all levels, a Business German course and even a Teaching German as a Foreign Language course. While German is no longer essential for the study of Chemistry, German language skills give science students a wider access to internship, research and work opportunities in the Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We caught up with Lucy, a Chemistry and Physics student who spent a month in Heidelberg last year:

“I am deeply appreciative of the incredible month I spent in Heidelberg, and I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to the Moncrieff Travelling Scholarship and the University for making this unforgettable journey possible. This experience was truly invaluable, and it was significantly enhanced by the scholarship that covered all my expenses, alleviating any financial worries and allowing me to fully embrace the wonders of Heidelberg.

The chance to experience life in Germany for a month, living as a university student, commuting via public transport, attending lectures and classes, grocery shopping, and conversing with my German flatmates in their native language, was an immeasurable and invaluable opportunity.

One of the most profound changes I experienced during this month was the remarkable and significant improvement in my German language skills. The friendly and intensive language classes were bothchallenging and incredibly rewarding, pushing me to experience new perspectives and understandings of the language. In just four weeks, my language proficiency soared far beyond what I have achieved since leaving school. The knowledge and skills I acquired allowed me to converse freely with locals in German, facilitating a deeper connection with the community and a more authentic experience of the city. This immersive environment, coupled with engaging language classes, ignited a renewed passion for the German language and culture, creating memories that will undoubtedly last a lifetime.

Additionally, participating in extracurricular activities, such as sports, historical tours and excursions, not only deepened my understanding of German culture and history but also contributed to my personal and intellectual growth. Equally significant were the lasting friendships I formed and the expansion of my international network, providing me with valuable insights into diverse cultures and perspectives.

Moreover, this trip solidified my desire to live in Germany, particularly in Heidelberg. The city’s charm, rich history, and welcoming atmosphere have made it clear that this is where I want to live after university. I am now more committed than ever to the idea of living and furthering my studies in Heidelberg, and I am immensely grateful to the University for playing a pivotal role in shaping my path forward.”

Although the Moncrieff Travelling Scholarship is currently closed for applications, applicants to summer opportunities will receive UK government Turing funding to assist with participation costs. Extra funding may be available for students from disadvantaged backgrounds or who meet the UK government’s special education needs or disabilities criteria for additional support. Please contact the Global Office for further information. The deadline for summer opportunities applications is 15 May.

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