Meet the Global Office Interns: Duncan

Duncan Cooper
Tuesday 25 October 2022

My name is Duncan Cooper, and I am in my fourth year studying German and International Relations. Last year I had the opportunity to study abroad at the Swedish Defence University in Stockholm and the University of Vienna. After having such an amazing year abroad, I am looking forward to working as a Global Office Intern, supporting both Outbound and Inbound students, and promoting the amazing Study and Work Abroad opportunities the University offers. 

Studying abroad was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. Not only was I able to study at fantastic universities and gain new insights into both of my subjects, but I was also able to fully immerse myself in the cultures of both of my host countries. 

At the Swedish Defence University, I was able to study in a unique academic environment characterised by the mix of civilian students and military professionals. This gave me a completely new insight into topics within International Relations. Apart from studying and socialising at the Officers’ Mess, I also travelled throughout Sweden, visiting Stockholm’s beautiful archipelago, skiing in Swedish Lapland, and visiting Christmas markets in Gothenburg and Malmö. Along with my Swedish friends, I also went on an overnight cruise to Finland – a rite of passage for every student in Stockholm. 


During my second semester I studied at the University of Vienna. Studying here allowed me to improve my German skills and study topics that were unavailable at St Andrews. As well as discovering Vienna, I also travelled throughout Austria and the surrounding countries. This was a great way to see more of the world and broaden my horizons even further. 

I cannot recommend studying abroad enough, it is a truly enriching experience which allows you to discover new countries and see the world from alternative perspectives. I am really looking forward to supporting students currently studying abroad, and promoting the fantastic opportunities offered by the University so that more students can have an amazing experience like I did! 

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