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Friday 29 October 2021


“Bobby Jones was not only the best player in the world, probably the best there had ever been, but by all odds the most attractive sports hero of the day.  Even by people who knew no golf, he was idolised on both sides of the Atlantic for his God-given combination of flashing good looks, wry humour and unflagging modesty.  He became, and remained until the day of his death, the First Gentleman of Golf.”    Alistair Cooke   

Bobby Jones was born in Atlanta in 1902.  He learned to play golf as a very young boy and his prodigious talent was soon apparent.  His triumph, at the age of 28, in winning the Open and the Amateur Championships in both Britain and the United States in a single season – The Grand Slam – has never been equalled.  Jones then retired from competitive golf, qualifying as a lawyer and later drawing upon his earlier training as a mechanical engineer in the design of the majestic golf course at Augusta, Georgia.  At the age of 46 he was diagnosed as suffering from a rare disease that caused chronic pain and progressive paralysis.  He bore his illness with great fortitude:  “We play the ball, you know, as it lies”.  St Andrews honoured this outstanding man by making him a Freeman of the Burgh in 1958, the first since Benjamin Franklin nearly 200 years before.  The respect and affection were mutual.  Towards the end of his acceptance speech Jones said: “I could take out of my life everything except my experiences at St Andrews and I would still have had a rich and full life”.

Important Dates

Application deadline, 26 November 2021.

Interviews will take place in February 2022.

The Bobby Jones Scholarship

The Scholarship programme was established in 1976 by some of Bobby Jones’s friends and admirers on both sides of the Atlantic “to perpetuate his memory in the hearts and minds of young people by creating a permanent memorial to his sense of values and character”.

The Scholarships are funded by three Trusts, in Atlanta, New York and St Andrews.  They enable four St Andrews students to study at Emory University in Atlanta each year whilst four Emory students come to St Andrews.


Candidates must be matriculated, full-time students in the University of St Andrews and normally aged between 17 and 23. The St Andrews to Emory scholarships are open to all nationalities, except United States citizens. The Trust deed specifies that they are to be selected with regard to character, academic record and proposed course of studies.

During the selection process, the applicants are assessed using the following criteria:

  • Academic record
  • Verbal and written skills
  • Record of leadership in the life of the St. Andrews community and/or broader community
  • Ability to be an able ambassador for the Robert T Jones Trust and the University of St. Andrews
  • Interpersonal and presentational skills
  • Course of study and scholarly interests that can be pursued at Emory

A good academic record is essential because the Scholars will be representing St Andrews at another university.  Other qualities are also sought, however.

Bobby Jones was an all-rounder and the selectors will be keen to know how else you have spent your time at University.  Golfing ability is not a necessary criterion though an active interest in the game is a consideration, for instance because the Scholars have the privilege of attending the Masters Tournament.  On such occasions – and the Emory Trustees have been very hospitable to their guests – the Scholars have an ambassadorial role, for which reasonable experience of public speaking is also advantageous.  The Trust deed does explicitly state that the awards have the aim of “encouraging qualities of leadership in young men and young women”.  Because the four Jones Scholars necessarily spend a good deal of time together, the selectors have to keep in mind the composition of the group as a whole.

Students may apply in their final year as an undergraduate.  Because the Scholarships are fully funded (see below) students will attend Emory after graduating from St Andrews.

What the Scholarships provide

The Scholarships are sufficient to cover all basic costs for the year at Emory.  In particular, tuition and other fees are paid for, as are room and board in a university residence.  Mandatory health insurance is arranged by Emory University and Trust provides all scholars with dental insurance.  In addition each Scholar receives a personal stipend to cover basic expenditure and book and sundries.  Return air tickets from the UK to Atlanta are provided.

The Scholars are also encouraged to travel in the United States.  Each receives a special travel stipend.  The Scholars also have the use of a ‘people carrier’ and driver orientation will be provided.

The precise breakdown of stipend and travel allowance will be provided to the successful candidates.

Course Selection

Scholars are free to select any courses for which they are qualified.  Eligibility and availability are, of course, matters for the Emory authorities to decide.  Anyone thinking of enrolling in a graduate course should bear in mind that the Scholarships are for one year and cannot be renewed.

Applicants are encouraged to look at the Emory Prospectus to familiarise themselves with the programmes and courses available.  For a list of undergraduate and graduate courses available at Emory, please refer to their website,

Application Procedures

The completed application form submitted online (through the Mysaint portal) by 26 November 2021. You will also be required to upload your academic transcript as part of your application. Current students can email [email protected] to request an official copy of their academic record.

Two referees are required and they should normally be members of the academic staff who know you well. Referees must email their references to [email protected]. It is your responsibility to ensure that the referees are given adequate notice.

Depending on the number of applications received, it may be necessary to eliminate some candidates on the basis of written records alone (including referees).

The interviews will be held in February 2022.

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