BA Student Profile Pt 2: Amanda, Lydia, and Ross

Thursday 28 May 2020

Here are the next couple of student profiles!

I found some of my best friends because of this programme. Through all the amazing ups and challenging downs, I had an incredible support system of friendly faces. Even more so, both schools are so wonderfully distinct; each is its own adventure. I will never forget all the extraordinary things I experienced and all the wonderful people I met at each school.”

Amanda (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

The Joint Degree Programme has been a fantastic experience because of the unique opportunities and challenges that are a necessary part of it. Switching between continents and two universities was initially difficult in ways I was not expecting, but was incredibly rewarding. I was able to explore my academic interests to a deeper level, develop lasting friendships with people from across the globe, and become a more independent and adaptable individual. I have no doubt I will be able to confidently face what lies ahead because of the Programme.”

Lydia (New Jersey, USA)


Enrolling in the William & Mary/St. Andrews course has given me the opportunity to have an incredibly unique University experience of studying on both sides of the Atlantic at two historical and reputable institutions. This will of course have it’s particular challenges, but they will make me a more dynamic and resilient person. I look forward to confronting these challenges and creating a network of lifelong friends at St Andrews and William and Mary.”

Ross (Aberdeen, Scotland)

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