Trying New Things: Extracurriculars at St. Andrews

Bronagh Masterson
Tuesday 4 February 2020

Life at uni is about more than just academics. Extracurricular activities play a major role in the recreational and social life of the undergraduate experience. With that in mind, St. Andrews offers many unique opportunities that can be explored by WaMStA students, and there is no better time to try new things than at the beginning of a new semester. 

Despite playing sports all throughout grade school, I haven’t joined any athletic clubs since starting college. However, this semester, I decided to make a reappearance at the gym and attended my first boxing practice. I only went because of a premature promise I had made to a friend earlier in the week, and though I had spent the whole day dreading it, I ended up being pleasantly surprised. I won’t lie, it was kind of intense (since I felt like I was going from zero to a hundred in terms of exercise), but because I went with a friend (and it was her first time as well) it ended up being a lot of fun. The instructor was also super helpful and throwing punches after a long day is actually quite therapeutic. 

Sports aren’t the only activities St. Andrews can offer. You can also stretch yourself in the arts. Amanda, a 3rd year IR major, enjoys drawing and painting as a hobby, so this semester she attended a life drawing session in which one can learn to sketch the human form. She says:

“I was keen on life drawing because some of my friends had done it and enjoyed it so I tagged along. It was definitely a cool experience and interesting to see how different people depict the same person in different artistic models. I would do it again and I would encourage others as well!” 

Finally, perhaps one of the activities the most unique to St. Andrews, are fashion shows. Tye, a 3rd year Econ major, is currently on the roster to model for VS, one of the many St. Andrews charity fashion shows. The events that he attends as part of this organization range from socials to get to know the other models to attending practices to improve his stride. Despite being a departure from his usual pursuit of athletic activities (like American football and rugby), Tye enjoys the experience because it is so different to what he’s used to. 

There truly is no limit to the new things you can explore while attending uni. If you haven’t already, be sure to take advantage of the abundance of clubs and societies that St. Andrews has to offer!

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