Introducing… Christina Durham, BA (International Honours) Intern

Wednesday 16 October 2019

Happy Wednesday!

My name is Christina Durham and, as Shannon mentioned in her post, I’ll be your BA International Honours intern for the 2019-2020 academic year! 

As the BA International Honours intern, when I’m not helping out with Global Office things, I work with students in the BA International Honours programme. I develop peer support services (like the buddy scheme), coordinate student events to build cohort unity, and provide helpful information for key transition points. I’m basically the middlewoman between the programme and St. Andrews. 

I’m currently a third-year, which means I survived my transition from William & Mary to St. Andrews last fall. The biggest challenge for me was honestly adjusting to the weather and the complete lack of sunlight in the winter. Nothing prepared me for the sun setting at 3pm. But, St. Andrews has also offered me a lot of unique experiences that I wouldn’t have had elsewhere. Since arriving in this wee town I’ve joined reeling (which is loads of fun, but definitely a full cardio workout), I’m a photographer for a fashion blog, and this semester in particular, I’ve had a blast planning raisin (which is coming up so soon!) for my academic children. 

Me, being spun (at light speed) at reeling practice

That’s not to say that I don’t miss the cozy swamp that is William & Mary. Whenever I talk to my William & Mary friends, I think about all the times I used to procrastinate with them in Swemromas, treat myself to Kilwins’ fudge, or stroll past the colonial governor’s mansion (to plan my leap over the wall). This time of the year brings back especially happy memories. Autumn in Virginia is gorgeous, and Busch Gardens (the local amusement park, which is only ten minutes from campus) has fantastically frightening Haunted Houses that really get you in the spooky mood. 

But I suppose that’s the biggest (albeit bittersweet) perk of this programme — I get to have two homes. These are two very different universities, but I feel completely comfortable at both. As far as how I’d describe my experience, I think Hannah Montana said it best: “You get the best of both worlds.” 

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