The Top 15 Reasons To Study Abroad

Jack Wootton
Monday 19 November 2018

Last year, our 2 First Abroad participants – Amie Morrison and Sarah Ramage – had to undertake an internship project. They were tasked with finding out the most popular reasons that people give for wanting to study abroad. From meeting new people, to discovering new cultures, their findings give a real insight into how rewarding the study abroad experience can be. The results of their project can be found below!

The Top 15 Reasons People Have Given to Study Abroad:

  1. Great opportunity to meet new people from all over the world.

  2. Experience different teaching methods.

  3. Explore a new country.

  4. Experience a new culture.

  5. Enhance your language skills.

  6. Boost your employability.

  7. Networking opportunities.

  8. Industry opportunities and the chance to work with new technology.

  9. Personal growth – taking on new challenges independently.

  10. Enrich your understanding of your subject.

  11. Sample a wide range of new classes.

  12. Attend a university with international reputation for your chosen subject.

  13. Access to unique field sites to enhance your studies.

  14. Explore a new range of social activities.

  15. Complement the years you spend at St Andrews with a range of different experiences.

Former study abroad student Abigail Harding’s entry for the Erasmus+ 30th Anniversary Photo Competition in 2017

As you can see, the reasons to study abroad are endless! If you have any further reasons to study abroad, or want to share your amazing experiences of being a St Andrews student abroad, then send an email to [email protected] and we’ll post your stories to our social media or blog.

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