CSA Intern (Erasmus+)

Jack Wootton
Thursday 11 October 2018


I’m Jack and I’m the new CSA Intern for this academic year!

I’m in my fifth and final year studying German here in St Andrews and I spent my year abroad working as a Language Assistant in a primary school in the small town of Haldensleben, Germany. Although nobody spoke any English in the entire school, I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, as I was able to fully immerse myself in the language and culture of the country I’ve loved since I started studying German in secondary school. Whilst there, I got involved with a range of activities outside of the set 12-hour working week, including establishing a Skype link with my former school back home and even teaching English to the teachers in an evening class.

I love the study and work abroad programmes and I applied for this role because I wanted to have the chance to help other students make the most of their time away from the Bubble. It can feel a bit lonely when you’re in a different country, but the CSA team is always here to lend a hand and assure you everything is going to be ok! My advice to current students on the programmes would be to say yes to absolutely everything (within reason!) – it’s the best way to conquer those early fears and make new friends for life.

You can contact me at [email protected] if you have any issues or fancy a chat about your experiences – I’d love to hear what you all get up to on your years abroad!

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