Studying in Europe – Denmark

Samantha Lister
Saturday 17 September 2016

University of Copenhagen

The reason for going on my Erasmus semester abroad was probably a little different to most. I am Danish by birth but having spent most of childhood away from Denmark, I saw this as an opportunity to go back and re-discover what it means to be a Dane and whether I could actually be one.

Copenhagen, as a city itself, provides an endless amount of opportunities and excitement. Be it going to Studenterhuset, Christiania, art exhibitions at Louisiana, strolling past Nyhavn, the Little Mermaid, and the Royal Palace, quirky concerts in small theatres, mouth-watering bakeries, Tivoli at Christmas and the film festivals. The options are infinite and that is what I love about Copenhagen. The best bit is probably also that the Danes cycle everywhere, drink lots of coffee, eat rugbrød (rye-bread), promote a social-responsibility mentality through the welfare system and always make time for hygge (relax time).


As for the academic aspect of going abroad I can only recommend it. I was able to take classes not available in St Andrews and the classes were a great mix of people of different nationalities, ages and backgrounds. The teaching was more informal, participatory and often group-orientated and this definitely stimulated my interest in Social Anthropology. My semester abroad was invaluable. Not only did I get the chance to fall in love with Anthropology, I also realised that I am actually Danish and made some terrific friends! Safe to say, I will most definitely be returning.

Iben (Social Anthropology)

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