“The best decision I ever made”: Tanjot’s time in St Andrews

Eilidh Henderson
Tuesday 5 March 2024

Tanjot is a visiting student from Queen’s University (Canada), studying English and History. Find out more about her time as a Study Abroad student in St Andrews. 

The academic community is very tight-knit. I was pleasantly surprised that my Honours classes had very small class sizes. One of my friends only had eight people in her class! At Queen’s, I take five classes a semester, but here I only take two. I had the pleasure of taking Tragedy in the Age of Shakespeare, American Fiction 1950-2000: Postmodernism and Beyond, From Allied Invasion to Coup d’Etat: Iran Between 1941 and 1953, and my personal favourite, The Novels of Jane Austen in Context.


Walking along the Pier in St Andrews


I’m staying in the oldest residency hall at St Andrews – University Hall. The Warden team, housekeeping, and catering have all been so welcoming and kind. Aside from classes and my hall, I spend much time at the gym. I love the gym, and the community at St. Andrews is fantastic! The facilities are top of the line – they even have a rock climbing wall! My favourite aspect is the classes included in the membership, specifically Pilates, which I attend three to four times weekly.


Having dinner at the High Table in University Hall in Semester One


Standing in the Old Wing in University Hall


Coming to a new country, I was afraid of finding my own community and friendships. However, St Andrews has an abundance of societies and clubs, making it very easy to meet people. I joined the Sikh Society, where I met so many amazing people. From the Sikh Society, I joined an academic family! Raisin Weekend was, by far, one of the most eventful and fun-filled weekends at St Andrews. I was woken up at five in the morning to swim with my academic family in the North Sea, and we did interactive challenges all day before going out that night. Then, on Raisin Monday, I got to participate in a massive foam fight, an experience which I thoroughly enjoyed with all of my friends.


Taking part in the annual Foam Fight for Raisin Weekend


Travelling through Scotland has also been easy because my YoungScot Card gives me free bus travel throughout the country. As a result, the two-hour bus ride to Edinburgh is a trip I make very often. The Edinburgh Christmas Market was an absolute blast! I went on the “All Around The World” ride, which lifted me above the entire city– it felt like I could kick the Scott Monument.


Standing in Princes Street Gardens with Edinburgh Castle in the background


Having fun at the Edinburgh Christmas Market


Since coming to St. Andrews, I have traveled more than expected. In my first term here, I went to places including Vienna, Copenhagen, Oslo, and Stockholm. Travel through Europe is highly accessible from St Andrews. For the second term, I have more plans to travel, including a trip to the Scottish Highlands, Isle of Skye, Inverness, and Glencoe. After the academic year is over, I plan to backpack across Europe. I hope to visit the Netherlands, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy, and Spain.


Visiting Vienna, Austria


Coming to Scotland was a BIG change, but the best decision I ever made!

Thank you to Tanjot for sharing her experience with us. You can read more about our students’ experiences in the Global Education section of the Global Office blog.

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