Studying outside Europe – Russia

Moscow & St Petersburg (RLUS Course)

Aleksandra (Modern Languages)

If you’re studying Russian – go to Russia. And if you’re not studying Russian, START studying Russian and then go to Russia.

Get on a twenty-four train and bond with random people over mugs of beer and dried fish. Experience minus-25 degree weather and walk across the frozen Neva river. Take a midnight stroll through Red Square and see the mummified corpse of Lenin himself.

I spent a few months in Moscow and a few months in St Petersberg and every day I wish I could go back in time and re-live everything all over again. The country is so fascinating so very strange but so exciting. Classes at both Language Link and the State University in St Petersburg proved extremely useful and I’ve made some life-long friends. These are the sort of life experiences you shouldn’t miss out on.

I leave you with a favourite quotation: “If Russia got cooler, it would be fictional” (S.L.Wilson).

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