Working abroad – WIYA and External Placements – The Netherlands

Naomi (Chemistry), worked in Leiden

Photo of Naomi who worked abroad in the Netherlands

I spent my year abroad working in the Netherlands. I gained invaluable experience working in an R&D department which has really improved my CV. You see a lot of job adverts asking for previous experience and that was what I was able to get during my year abroad. It was really a unique experience; I felt valued as my project was something up and coming, so little research had been done on the subject and the company entrusted me with it. I advise anyone in Chemistry considering going on placement to just do it! It will be unforgettable and such an asset to your CV. It also helped me to decide what I would be interested in applying for once I leave university.

I made friends for life; I even went back to France with them and met their families! The Netherlands itself was beautiful and the people are so different from the British. I went to a few concerts and festivals while I was there, and can safely say I will be coming back for more! They’re unlike any you will have been to in the UK, and definitely a must-see if you come here! I was able to sample what it would be like to work away from home and I now know I will be applying for jobs all over the world when I graduate.

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