Photo competition entries 2014-2015

For the 2014-2015 Photo Competition, we asked you to come up with a tagline to accompany your photos that sums up the benefits of study abroad.


Photo of the Island of Procida, Italy

A canal in Venice, photo competition winner 2014-2015
Study Abroad: a colourful journey

Hope worked in Naples, Italy.

‘This photo is one I took of the island of Procida, an island in the Mediterranean sea just off the bay of Naples, in southern Italy. This was the most special place I visited during my time abroad, and certainly the most colourful. This island was so special because it was so peaceful and tranquil, almost untouched by tourism, unlike many other places in Italy. Each of the houses in the port belong to the fishermen and they are all painted a different fun colour. This little island took my breath away, and along with many other moments in my year abroad it reminded me why I chose to take this wonderful opportunity.’


Photo of study abroad students in an ice tunnel in Iceland

Photo of study abroad student Dylan in an ice tunnel in Iceland
‌Study Abroad: find your own path

Dylan studied at the University of Iceland.

‘This is a photo of me in Iceland, ice picking my way through an ice cave in the Snæfellsjökull Glacier in Iceland.’

Photo of study abroad student Emma overlooking a fjord in Norway
Study Abroad: heights

Emma studied at the University of Oslo.

Looking out from Trolltunga, ‘Troll’s Tongue’, an Ice Age rock suspended half a mile above a Norwegian lake.

2014-2015 entries

‌We were very impressed with the high standard of entries that we received for the 2014-2015 competition, some of which are featured below.

Photo of study abroad student Rob outside the library at William and Mary
Study Abroad: to experience freedom.

Rob studied at the College of William & Mary.

‘This photo was taken outside William & Mary’s Swem library after submitting the final piece of coursework of the semester. A joyous moment indeed.’

Wintery road near Purdue University
Study Abroad: dare to embark and branch out

Nitika studied at Purdue University, USA.

‘This photo was taken during my first semester at Purdue when I experienced the mid west winter for the first time in all its glory.’

Photo of study abroad student Daryl at Lake Ontario, Canada
Study Abroad: expand your horizons

Daryl studied at Queen’s University, Canada. This photo was taken at Lake Ontario.

Photo of camels on a beach in Morocco
Study Abroad: live, learn, embrace

Elisa studied at Qaiam wa Lawh in Morocco.

‘Sunset on the beach in the lovely town of Essaouira, during my last weekend in Morocco. This picture sums up the bittersweet feelings at the end of an amazing experience, one that I will cherish for the rest of my life.’

Photo of a parade in Switzerland
Study Abroad: inspirational cultures

Fiona worked in Basel, Switzerland.

‘Mid February Basel comes alive with Fasnacht, a 72-hour festival starting on Monday at 4am in complete darkness and continuing until 4 am on Thursday. It truly is a sight to stand in the streets and let the Guggli (brass band) music flow through you as the Waggis (pictured) march by. Be careful to be wear your Fasnacht badge else you’ll find yourself covered in Räppli (confetti)!’

View from the mountains over a Swiss town
Study Abroad: changing perspectives

Fiona worked in Basel, Switzerland.

‘One of the benefits of living in Switzerland was that I was right in the middle of Europe and in the perfect position to explore new cultures. Early January we went on a road trip to Liechtenstein – 460 km in 12 hours via 5 countries. In every country it was amazing to see how not only the language but the way of life changes, almost instantly at the border, but the people stay ever welcome and proud of the country they call home.’‌

Photo of Venice
Study Abroad: An unforgettable journey

Hope worked in Naples, Italy.

‘This photo was taken in Venice, looking over the gondolas onto another island. I travelled north to Venice when I had a few days off work to visit some fellow St Andrews students who were also on their year abroad in Italy. It was so great to experience the sights of this wonderful city with friends who I could share these moments with. Certainly an unforgettable weekend.’

Photo of study abroad student Miriam in Melbourne

Miriam studied at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

‘I spent a semester studying at the University of Melbourne and it was amazing! Melbourne is the complete opposite of St Andrews: a big, modern city about as far away as it’s possible to go. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to see just how different university can be from what we have here. And if you like sunshine, coffee, sushi, and cycling, you’ll be at home in Melbourne in no time!’

Photo of study abroad student Jimmy's friend with a statue of a German cartoon character in Erfurt

Jimmy worked in Erfurt, Germany.

‘My friend, Alex, was curious to meet Erfurt locals, so I took him to this bench near the Merchant’s Bridge on the Gera river. Here sits the little Sandman, a beloved East German children’s TV character. Alex wasn’t sure what to make of him!’

View of Moscow in the winter

Sophie studied at Universidad de Valladolid, Spain, and Benedict School, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

‘Don’t walk on the ice! Guidelines to an unforgettable journey. Sunday walk on the frozen river in front of the Peter and Paul Fortress in Saint Petersburg.’

Under water diving selfie
Selfie: Divers only

Xiaoyue studied at the University of California, Irvine, USA.

‘My first underwater selfie with my Mexican instructor Rene Moreno. Photo taken in Cancun.’

Hacienda San Lucas, Copán Ruinas, Honduras
Sanctuary: Hacienda San Lucas, Copán Ruinas, Honduras

Zoe worked in Honduras.

‘This lookout is just ten minutes from the centre of Copán Ruinas, Honduras. We walked up to Hacienda San Lucas a few times, and each time the view completely took my breath away.’

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
Peace: Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Zoe worked in Honduras.

‘This photo was taken in November 2014 on a weekend trip to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. I didn’t believe that places that beautiful actually existed. It was so incredible!’

Photo of Rob in Philadelphia at spring break
Study Abroad: to get a taste of something new.

Rob studied at the College of William & Mary.

‘During my fall break I was able to travel up to Philadelphia where we engrossed in the local delicacies and that of course meant trying a cheese steak. This was one among many opportunities and experiences I got while in America that couldn’t have happened had I not studied abroad.’

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